Be A Servant

Bishop James Ray Taylor


Description:Be A ServantBishop James Ray Taylor continues the sermon series Let Me Be Great with the third installment of the series titled Be A Servant. Key scriptureMatthew 20:20-28If you want to be great you have to be a servant.Key pointsThe 3 A’s Agencysomeone who represents another Assistancesometimes we are called just to be a faithful servant. Nothing is wrong with assisting someone on their journey. Administration this is not the executive position but it ensures that the vision or task is executed.On the journey to greatness you must be ready and willing to serve. We invite you to hear the word and feel the heart behind it at Heavenly Vision Church243 West 85th Street Los Angeles CA 90003. If this word has impacted you please share with us. We love hearing and seeing how the message of Christ is transforming lives. Email Have a blessed week. With LoveHeavenly Vision Church

Be Humble

Bishop James Ray Taylor


Description:The second installment of the Let Me Be Great Series is titled "Be Humble" and is a perfect phrase to summarize what we all need to do. The journey to greatness is filled with humility and in order to be great you must be willing to take that on.Key Scripture:Matthew 18:1-6Things to note-Humility is built on a healthy fear and reverence for the Lord-Humility is expressed towards others through concern for them-Humility positions us for greatnessWe pray God's richest blessings on you as you pursue greatness. Be in covenant, be humble, and know that God has you. #HVLetMeBeGreatLet us know what you gained from the sermon series thus far on social media by tagging us @hvcla and using the hashtag #HVLetMeBeGreatStay connected with us at hvcla.comHave a great week!

Living In Covenant

Bishop James Ray Taylor


Description:Thank you for joining us for the first installment of Bishop James Ray Taylor's latest sermon Let Me Be Great. In this series we take a sincere look at greatness and what it takes on the pursuit of greatness for the believer. We learn the power of covenant. -Living in covenant defeats conditional living-Living in covenant develops relational equity-Living in covenant displays Godly character Reference scriptures Job 1:1-5Job 31:1-2Follow the series on any social media platform with the hashtag #HVLetMeBeGreat. hvcla.comtwitter @hvclainstagram love you.

The Parable Of The Talents

Minister Kenna Pettaway


Description:Minister Kenna concludes Spiritual Checkup with a gut check for all believers. Prepare your hearts and minds to receive a word that will force you to examine who and where you are.

The Vine

Minister Kenna Pettaway


Description:Hello to the amazing person reading this and welcome to Heavenly Vision podcast. I want to thank you for tuning in but I truly believe after you hear this message you will be thanking God for using Minister Kenna Pettaway to deliver this word. Spiritual Checkup continues. Last week Minister Kenna spoke upon the seed and posed the question what type of soil are you. This week he deals with the vine and the key scripture is John 15:1-8Get ready to examine self. Are you bearing any fruit?Take a moment to really, genuinely answer that question. Additional scriptures to studyIsaiah 5:1-7Revelation 14:18-19 If this word has impacted you please share with us. We love hearing and seeing how the message of Christ is transforming lives. Email

Good Soil

Minister Kenna Pettaway


Description:Minister Kenna brought the word today to encourage us all to do our own Spiritual Checkup. Read and ponder the scripture Matthew 13:3-23 Then ask yourself what kind of soil are you? Are you good soil. We know the seed is good because he seed is the word of God. What makes he difference is the soil. Are you good soil?Where are you? Are you fruitful? Are you the man or woman God has called you to be? If not it's not too late. Cry out to God. Ask Him to reveal to you where you are and how you can become the soil that will bring forth what God is created you for. If this word has impacted you please share with us. We love hearing and seeing how the message of Christ is transforming lives. Email Have a blessed week. With LoveHeavenly Vision Church

Pure Talk Part II

Bishop James Ray Taylor, Minister Rodney Howard, Sis. Teaira Nelson,Sis. Deidre Howard


Description:This Sunday we hosted our annual backpack giveaway where we were able to give away 1000 fully stocked backpacks! With the giveaway going on we did not have our traditional service BUT we still wanted to leave you with an empowering message for the week. We love you and hope that this message inspires you to continue to live a life poured out to God. If this message has touched you in any way please email Have a blessed week.

Pure Talk

Bishop James Ray Taylor


Description:Welcome to an open conversation hosted by Bishop James Ray Taylor.Members of Heavenly Vision ask questions to Bishop Taylor and the wonderful co-hosts to gain a better understanding on how to truly live a life of purity. The level of transparency and honesty will empower you.We talk about being single, dealing with pornography, masturbation, social media, and a lot more.If this message has any impact on you and your walk with Christ let us know by emailing Key scripture:Phil. 4:8 ESVFinally, brother, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Pure Religion

Bishop James Ray Taylor


Description:Religion is a beautiful thing when it is pure.Key scripture: James 1:26-27

Purity Is My Responsibility

Bishop James Ray Taylor


Description:Purity is my responsibility.Key scripture: 1 Timothy 5:22We all must take personal accountability for the decisions we make and make daily efforts to commit to be right before the Lord.

The What, Why, And How of Purity

Bishop James Ray Taylor


Description:The what, why, & how of purity? If you have a pure heart, you will make the right choices. Psalms 119:9-11Purity is freedom.