Stop Gazing

Jun 6, 2021    Karen Taylor

The Adaptive Nature of the Church

Pastor Karen shares the importance and necessity of adaptability. Here are a few key points and scriptures of focus.

Acts 1:2-11
Acts 6

Stop Gazing & Go Grow

A working definition for adaptability
rapid learning of new skills/behaviors in response to changing circumstances.

Adaptability is important for growth within a role

Adapt - become adjusted to new conditions:make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify

The adaptive nature of the church allows us to grow beyond grievance.

Acts 6:1 We will change our lives when we view critiques as contributions to our advancement

Growth presents opportunities for specified care and service.

Acts 6:2-3 Prerogative can be paralyzing. Draw on how you practiced with Jesus to continue to progress

Acts 6:8-15
Fluidity of Functionality

The adaptive nature of the church requires flexibility