Our Story

Where we began

In 1953 the Lord gave Reverend Joseph Lee, Jr. a heavenly vision and he was not disobedient to it. On October 28th of the same year, Rev. & Mrs. Joseph Lee, Jr. along with 16 faithful members organized the Heavenly Vision Church.

With a starting budget of $40 the Lee’s  and congregation began to go after the mission of reaching the South Los Angeles community with the love of Jesus and transforming it with the truth of His Gospel.

Reverend Joseph Lee
Heavenly Vision Church

And then...

By the late 1960’s the  congregation had outgrown their initial location at 8804 South Main St. in South Los Angeles. Rev. Lee responded to the need for a new facility by seeking the Lord in prayer for a great vision of where they should go. The Lord answered the prayers of Rev. Lee by providing a multi-faceted campus located at 243 West 85th Street, that would prove to be a beacon of light and hope for generations to come.

Right now...

Amidst the faith-filled tenure of Rev. Lee, both he and Heavenly Vision made great strides, developing ministries, opening schools, starting businesses and partnering with organizations both locally and nationally, to advance the gospel in the context of peace and equality. After 50 years of pastoral ministry Rev. Lee handed over the mantle to Pastor James Taylor. Thanks be to God the story of Heavenly Vision is still being written and we believe that our best days are still ahead!
Bishop James Ray Taylor

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together 1 pm.